Golf will miss the King

We lost a wonderful human being with the passing of Mr. Palmer. He meant a tremendous amount to the golf community and the game is where it is today largely in part to Mr. Palmer. He has done so much for our community through his endless charity and giving. Mr. Palmer is a person everyone […]

Northern Michigan Accolades

Those of us living in Northern Michigan know what an amazing place we are fortunate to live in. We feel a deep connection to the area and don’t always need to hear how great it really is. Check out what others are saying about Traverse City and surrounding areas. Blog for Lifestyle & Travel (September 2016) […]

Preserving golf history is something the Golf Collectors’ Society takes seriously. Very seriously

After joining the Golf Collectors’ Society in the last year, I attended its annual meeting earlier this week in the Poconos. There I encountered a collection of golf lovers that thrives on the very idea of being in “way back” mode as it seeks to preserve golf’s past—even as the sport speeds forward. And I also made […]