Orchard Replant Project – Update

We are proud to have an active cherry farm that runs right along some of the holes. In fact, the course was carved right through the original orchard!

Being part of an active farm means experiencing the life cycle of our beloved orchard.

In Phase 1 of the Orchard Replant Project, the tart cherry trees along Hole 13 tee box were removed in Spring 2023. Multi-species cover crops including sunflowers, sorghum and more were planted for soil improvement.

Tart cherry orchard cover crop, September 2023

Phase 2 focuses on the sweet cherry trees by Hole 13 green. These have been removed in the past week.

We had a chance to pop out and check out the scene of the crime….Warning: this part of the process is not pretty!

Things look rough now, but the farmers do a fantastic job of cleaning up the orchard and neatly planting rows of cover crop. Don’t worry, it won’t look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland for golf season.

An uprooted cherry tree in between Hole 5 & Hole 13.

New cherry trees will be planted in the same location, but this is a multiple year process to let the ground heal and regenerate the nutrients needed to support an orchard.

As we began preparing for the Orchard Replant, we hesitated about sharing pictures like these. I mean, they don’t exactly paint the most appealing advertisement!

With growth, there’s change, and with change, things don’t always look pretty. Since we can’t avoiding replanting, we are excited to take you along the process!

We thank you for following along with us through the Orchard Replant Project!

View more images of the latest update below: