Bahle Farms Baby Shower + Gender Reveal

In October, we hosted our very first (as new owners) baby shower + gender reveal party at Bahle Farms! This shower was extra special as it was for our first friends we made up here in Leelanau – Brittany and Greg. They announced their pregnancy not long after we had met and began hanging out. It was so special to not only be apart of their day, but have the opportunity to host such a big moment in their lives.

Despite the weather, the parents-to-be were all smiles!


The baby shower was originally planned to take place at their house, but as the event drew near, they feared running out of space, both parking and in their house. To ensure everyone fit, they asked us about hosting the party at Bahle Farms. We were so excited to have a larger role in their celebration for their first child.

Hoping for a forgiving October afternoon, the shower was originally planned to take place on our patio. However, a rainy and chilly day called for some manuvering, and we chose Plan B – for the shower to take place inside the clubhouse. Lucky for Brittany and Greg, the pro shop space was open and available to use as a party space.

Everyone gathered in the Clubhouse for an intimate pumpkin-themed shower. The decorations were adorable and matched nicely with the deep wood and red walls of the clubhouse, for a perfect fall theme.

Once everyone settled in and had some food, we went out on the first tee for the big moment – the gender reveal. Brittany and Greg had purchased gender-reveal golf balls that would explode into a cloud of either pink or blue.

Crosley and I had the pleasure of making sure the correct gender golf balls were chosen, so we got to know the secret a few minutes before everyone else… 😉


Gender Reveal Golf Balls

Everyone counted off to three and upon both mom and dad swinging, we saw a cloud of PINK – it’s a girl!